Inspiration Never Dies

"Silence is a source of great strength..." - Lao Tzu

.... and my silence has reached it's end.

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Shane (The 'Fucking' Ruiner)


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Fifteen - Phil B

Phil B joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast to discuss the lies we tell ourselves.

He shares his personal experiences and asks the host some questions as well.  His honest desire to find truth and know himself is wonderful and made for a fun conversation with many laughs.

~We love Phil... Phil likes to flick his pen... We forgive Phil ;) ~

With love and respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Thirteen - A 13th Floor

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast:  Episode Thirteen - A 13th Floor.

The host speaks to his experience of the structure called Illuminati.  The origins, creators, history, tracings and functions are all touched upon.

Other topics include "Disclosure", magic and psychology, and how beautiful you all are.

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Cycles of Abuse and Control

Meet Stan:

Stan's boss spent the night drinking.  He was depressed and hurt because his wife left him. 

The next morning when Stan got to work, his hungover and miserable boss made his day hell.  Criticizing his work, moving up deadlines, forcing him to work the weekend and all around being cruel in his tone.

That night when Stan got home from work he took out his frustrations on his wife.  He began to criticize her every action, and nothing she said or did was good enough.  His tone with her was pure venom.

A little later his wife was telling their son to go to bed and the son was being difficult, not wanting to sleep.  His mother screamed at him and sent him to his room.

On his way to his room, the son kicked the dog.

Meet Sara:

Sara was raised by a mother who was never around.  When she was around she abused sex and alcohol. 

Sara moved out when she was 16.  She began a lifestyle of partying every day.  She couldn't keep a job.  She became an alcoholic and abused sex.

Meet Tim:

Tim's father used to hit him.  When he would forget to take out the garbage, he got hit.  If he got a bad grade at school, his father would hit him.

Tim grew up, moved out, met a woman and had his own son.

Tim would hit his son.  If he forgot to take out the garbage, Tim would hit him.  If he got a bad grade in school, Tim would hit him.

Meet Megan:

Megan had a boyfriend named Colin.  Colin would become very tense and stop talking to her.  She would become afraid of him and go out of her way to try and make him happy, but nothing worked.

Colin would spiral until he began blaming her for any of his problems.  Accusing her of various transgressions.  He would threaten and intimidate her.  Sometimes... He would get physical and push her around.

The next day Colin would apologize and promise to never do it again.  He would blame this or that and her for his anger.  He would tell her he didn't hurt her so she should get over it.  Sometimes he would deny the abuse occurred at all.

For a while Megan would forget what Colin did and some time would pass where all was well between them.  Then the darkness would overtake Colin and the cycle would renew.

Meet The Draco:

The Draco were created, and then controlled by another species.  After a third species saved them from that control,   The Draco then went on to control others.

Meet A.I.:

AI were created and used by another species/source.  When they were disregarded, they went on to use others.
Meet Humanity: 

This version of humanity was created, and then controlled by another.  We have gone on to control others... Ourselves. 

Don't think for a second that if humans found a planet of "less advanced" beings, we wouldn't mess with them and control them, because they do this here on earth.

So if the Draco's controllers are responsible for turning the Draco into controllers, then what?  We blame their controllers?  But what if those controllers were also controlled?  How far do we roll back the blame before we say "Hey... Stop being a victim and stand up for yourself" ?

The mind control, the manipulation, can only go so far and it always relies on the nature of the victim.  (No different than what Sales People do in our society - cater to the buyer to sell a product

Their product is safety, security and technological advancement.  They sell it and the mind control and the manipulations convince us to buy it.  If we weren't convinced we wouldn't buy it.  If we didn't buy it, it wouldn't work to control us. 

We can break this cycle by saying NO.  Not becoming convinced that we need what they sell.

This is a clear pattern and a cycle of abuse we see everywhere in our everyday lives.  Are we really thinking we can just remove all controllers and darkness from all species?

Or are we realizing that we have to save ourselves?  That as long as we blame the cycle of abuse, we excuse ourselves to perpetuate it.

So let's stop blaming the boyfriend, the boss, the parents.  The Draco.  The Illuminati.  The AI.  The Archons.  Demons.  Parasites..... and be responsible for ourselves.

Break the cycle, end the abuse, end the control.  Begin a new, healthy cycle.  One you choose.

Something will break the flow when a change is needed.  It is wise to cause the break yourself, as allowing any outside forces to do so could have a negative effect you don't enjoy.

You are much more powerful than you believe you are.   Find the cycle, remove it, and free yourself.

Do onto others what has been done to me?   NO thank you.

Let us grow, learn to remember empathy and compassion. 

Forgive.... and Let Go.

~This Universe views those who buy or sell lies as equals.~

The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Fourteen - Claudia

Claudia joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast to finally remove her cloak, and share herself with the audience. 

She shares her personal journey of living her truth by way of imagination and will.  Her experience is inspiring.

Some may know Claudia as Karelia, co-founder of Earth Empaths.


With Love and Respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Twelve - Chloe

Chloe joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast for a conversation about cycles of abuse and self healing.

Chloe shares knowledge and experience with self healing and shares a part of her personal journey.  We examine cycles of abuse and try to remind all that they are powerful and beautiful beings.

Some may know Chloe as an Admin at Cosmic Voice and she is also the life partner of Thomas Williams.  She has been a dear friend to the host who has been looking forward to presenting this conversation.

With love and respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Eleven - C.W. Chanter

It has finally happened... The adventure continues.  C.W. Chanter Joins The Whole World Laughing Podcast.

Some banter with Chanter as we discuss personal beliefs, religion, psychology, differences of opinions and beliefs, the difference between facts and opinions, and accountability.  C.W. explains his religion, Common Well Chanting,  and may have mentioned some internet personalities.  In no particular order.

See his YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzED...

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The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Ten - Niels Kunze

Niels Kunze joins the The Whole World Laughing Podcast for a conversation about the importance of developing a connection to nature, art and music as a personal process and even a little talk about "Bigsquatch".

Join Shane and Niels as they get to know each other publicly.

Hope you enjoy...

With love and respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Nine - Recap Noir

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast:  Episode Nine - Recap Noir

The host rambles about the first eleven podcasts, Bigfoot and Zombies.

with love and respect,


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Eight - Paul and Lisa

Paul and Lisa join The Whole World Laughing Podcast to discuss their personal process, journey, passions and relationship.

Some may know Paul (aka Sirius P Dogstar) as a radio personality and speaker who works to deliver "an alternative perspective on mainstream financial, geopolitical and economic news.". 

To follow his work, check the Facebook link below.

The Sirius Report Facebook

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The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Seven - Zombie Ninja

Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast:  Episode Seven - Zombie Ninja

The Zombie Ninja joins our podcast for a discussion on preparedness, emergence and ninjutsu. 

Zombie Ninja explains his self created Martial Art and philosophy while sharing the path that led to his own emergence.

Hope you enjoy...

With love and respect,